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I first started making websites at about 12 years old, after devouring a book on HTML over the course of a weekend. I build websites from scratch - usually starting with Photoshop to make a design document, and then coding the HTML, CSS and Javascript parts on a live preview. Finally, any in-depth coding with PHP is added as the full site is made.

If you're interested in commissioning me, email me!


Static HTML page, fully designed:£40
Extra static pages:£10 each
Setup of existing content system (e.g. Wordpress blog):£20
New content system or code from scratch:starting at £40, separate to static page charge
Hosting setup:Free!
Hosting with maintenance:From £10/month

Anything further, just email me to ask!

Example Sites

  • This site has been made entirely from scratch. I painted the top background myself over a few days. It was first created in 2010, and has recently been refurbished.
  • The first iteration had a custom blog, which on reflection I decided was unnecessary. This was complete with category, tagging and comment systems.
  • The birds in the banner use Javascript's Canvas features. If you mouse over them, they fly away!
  • On the bottom right, you can see two little icons. The bird on the left represents my computer; if it's on, he will be awake. The one on the right represents my IRC chatterbot, Porybot. My PC updates this site with my current IP whenever it changes. When a page loads, checks to see if my computer is online by checking a file on my PC. Porybot creates a file while running, which is also checked.
  • There are lots of little tweaks, such as the menu on the left appearing as you scroll.

Midland Reefs Ltd.

Link to dummy version of the site

Live from 2011 to 2013
  • Midland Reefs was a family business that went into liquidation in February 2013. It was an aquatic wholesaler, with an online store, and a few related blogs.
  • The main page, linked above, uses Javascript to swap between pages. It also features an interactive map of shops that stocked their products, where users could input their postcode to find nearly retailers.
  • The online store was X-Cart, processed payments through RBS Worldpay and Paypal, and was fully PCI compliant.
  • The online store used various SEO techniques to make sure it had high ranking when customers searched for the products.
  • Logos (including the company's logo) were sent to me to work with.
  • Other work for this company is listed on the Design page.

The Pokémon Factory

Link to the site

Current iteration from 2009 to present
  • The Pokemon Factory is a website based on the Pokemon video games, where people suggest ideas for new (fake) pokemon, and the volunteer staff create in-game sprites and information.
  • As one of the volunteer staff, this site usually pushes my skills and lets me learn new techniques.
  • The actual pokemon monsters have a lot of statistics and information associated with them, leading to a large database containing over 700 monsters and over 500 attack techniques. These have to be searchable for reference, and the information is also sent via curl to another site, which is actually using them in a playable game.
  • The database also has to be updated by non-coder staff, so there is an extensive set of private administration tools.
  • Suggested pokemon are currently posted on a forum in text; I will be upgrading this to a dedicated suggestion system soon, with comments on each part of the suggestion (like size, attacks, stats), and voting to make sure the best suggestions are made first.
  • Before the database was added, the information was scattered among numerous static pages. I made several data scraper scripts to read the data and input it to the database.
  • News on the front page is taken from a forum system, hosted separately; because there is no API, the information is taken from the forum's rss feed and formatted for the page.

Pink Pirate Hair

Link to the site

  • Pink Pirate Hair is a business run by a friend of a friend. She makes coloured dreadlocks and other wigs, and also jewellery.
  • I was given some specific themes and design instructions, and told to use her existing website as a reference for the pages and contents.
  • It features galleria, wordpress and etsy RSS feed integration, although it seems that etsy changed their feed-image dimensions since this site was made.



  • TurnShip was a game I made with some friends, a steampunk airship strategy game.
  • The background was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever painted; the sky repeated perfectly.
  • Like this website, it could change pages with AJAX, or with normal links.