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The visual art style that I am best at is pixel art - the technique for putting images together by creating and adjusting them pixel by pixel. This is used mostly on games, but it has advantages anywhere a small icon is needed with clarity.
The majority of pixel art I make is in the style of the Pokemon games, which actually encompasses a few different types of picture. There are in-battle pictures of pokemon and their trainers, maximum size 80px x 80px, the small walking-around sprites (32x32), menu icons (32x32) and even the maps and worlds themselves, which are put together in a grid of 16x16 tiles.
I work best with reference art to start with, but can work from scratch when necessary.


Here are the static frames of the sparrows in the banner:

Pokemon Maps

Some parts of these maps (some types of tree, the brown building in the city) are official Pokemon/Game Freak/Nintendo work; the rest is my own, fitting into the style.

Anchore Town

Bastion City

Pokemon Commissions

Static Pokemon: £5 with reference.

The easiest for me to make, takes the least time.

Animated Pokemon: £40

Animation is a fairly involved process; pokemon need to be split up into bodyparts and then layered properly.

Static Trainers: £8 with reference.

Human form, forever the bane and inspiration of artists everywhere. Even pixel artists.

Animated Trainers: £50.

Examples coming soon!
Trainer animation is more difficult than pokemon animation.

Pokemon overworlds: £8.

As turning them into GIFs is tedious, that costs £2 extra. The images above have been animated with javascript.

Trainer overworlds: £8.

Trainers are a little easier, but have an extra frame.