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I've been playing Cello since I was 7 years old, but it wasn't until I got into a rock band in high school that music really took off for me. I went to university to study composition, but the economic tide has been against me going into music full-time.
I still enjoy writing music for hobby work, and will gladly take commissions!
The selection of pieces below have been grouped by project, and are generally ordered newest-to-oldest. You can listen to more on my Soundcloud account!


A project to make an online in-browser pokemon game. Music here has been made with the instruments from the pokemon games, on Nintendo DS, so may sound lo-fi.
It has been a fun exercise in studying and emulating compositional styles.

Fighting a wild pokemon:

The player's hometown:


My final project at university was a concept album, so I chose to score an imaginary game, which I hope to make one day.
The music is mostly made on a Nintendo Gameboy, with the occasional embellishment. The protagonist is an adventurer who treats his life like a game.

The title track:

At home, in the player's ship (run by a dopey artificial intelligence called Dave):

A boss battle inside a volcano:


Tracks that don't have a group, individually commented.

Turnship was one of the first games projects I worked on, and what got me into making games. It was a steampunk strategy game based around airships. This piece was scored for a full orchestra.

Laika was a friend's final project, a shoot 'em up game. This was the music I wrote for it; I re-used a Gameboy version in ARENA 2080, with the same friend.

One of my university assignments was to arrange an existing piece of music to be played by small orchestra consisting of a wind quintet and a string quartet. I chose music from The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker.