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This site was built from scratch using Adobe Photoshop and TextWrangler.

I painted the background over a few days, wanting something that reflects my love of nature, mixing with the technological side of it being a website.

The name "bitcrush" was originally the name of a university radio show I hosted from '07 to '09, beginning on Herts' Crush radio and finishing on Coventry's Source. A bitcrusher is a sound-processing filter that lowers the resolution of audio, making it sound more like a Game Boy.

For more info on the technical side of this site, look at its entry in Web.

My name is Robin Hayes. I am a 29-year-old web designer, artist, coder, writer and musician. I like mixing them together where possible!

I could safely be described as a geek; I get passionate about what I love. I'm a creative person, a problem solver, and a dedicated worker.

I'm currently located in the Midlands, in the UK.


University:2:1 BA in Music Composition and Professional Practice
Including modules on Screenwriting (1st), Starting Your Own Business (2:2) and Adobe Illustrator (1st).
A levels:Cs in Music, General Studies and Graphic Design.
GCSEs:8 passes at B or above, including As in English language and Maths.
Music:Grade 5 Theory, Cello to Grade 7 standard.
Other:Full driving licence.

Contact Details

Twitter: @BonzaiRob
Feel free to email me for more information!